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Every car enthusiast has a 10 car garage.

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the top ten cars as voted for by the 10 car garage community

The Top Ten Car Manufacturers

The current leaderboard of car manufacturers, as voted for by the 10 car garage forum community. Vote for your best cars with the easy ten car garage form on the left and / or join our car enthusiasts forum to register your own 10 car garage profile.

Best cars - Ferrari

First Place - Ferrari

With such an array of fantastic supercars and sportscars, Ferrari easily tops our manufacturers list as the best overall car producer. The legendary F40 is the overall favourite, which holds third place overall in the top ten cars table.

More than 90% of your ten car garages have a Ferrari listed as one of the best cars.

The top car makes - Ford


With the Ford Mustang holding a big vote volume for second overall position in the ten car garage top ten, and with other classics such as the GT40 proving popular amongst petrolheads, it's no surprise that Ford does well as in our top car manufacturers list.

Other classic cars such as the Cortina, Capri and early Escorts all count for this great car manufacturer and have recieved many votes from loyal car fans.

Top Car makes - Porsche


The huge popularity of the Porsche 911 as our best car overall, plus other superb cars such as the Carrera and the awesome 917 make Porsche one of our best loved car makes.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 911 GT3 is the favourite amongst Porsche car fans.

Best car makes - Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Aston Martin's DB-9 flagship supercar holds a strong position in the top ten best cars list, and combined with other recent favourites such as the V12 Vantage and older unforgettables such as the DB-5, the British car maker easily makes it into our list of best car manufacturers.

Top Car Makers - Lamborghini


The Raging Bull's narcotic range of supercars easily makes it into the best car maker list, despite not having a model in the list of top ten best cars overall. With the Murcielago and Miura being the favourite alternatives to the Prancing Horse, they are closely followed by the Gallardo and 80's legend Countach, never far from a petrolhead's mind.
Top car makes - Audi


The legendary Audi Quattro and the recent R8 supercar combined with the RS models make Le Mans winners Audi a regular vote for car enthusiasts.
Best cars - Jaguar


The Jaguar E-Type is still a favourite car for petrol heads around the world, with a well-deserved place in the top ten car list for a car that's nearly 50 years old. Jaguar's classic saloons, racing cars and modern XK sports cars all get regular votes putting Jaguar in the list of top car makes.

Top Cars - Mercedes Benz


The SLR and iconic 300 SL gull-wing earn Mercedes-Benz a place in our list of best car makes, two of Germany's finest sports cars and placed in many car enthusiasts' ten car garages.
Best car makes - VW


The unforgettable Golf GTI in it's many shapes and sizes is in the top car list and gets a regular best car vote from our petrolhead community. The funky split-screen camper van features among a number of ten car garages, as does the iconic Beetle.
Top car makes - BMW


The BMW M3's top car listing combined with the popularity of the M5 earns BMW a place in the top car list. BMW should perhaps rank higher but for the unpopularity of the new BMW Mini and the X6 vehicle, both of which get regular votes for cars we dislike the most.
Worst car make - Toyota
The Toyota Prius is our most disliked car, and a lack of votes for the other Toyota models means that the big car maker from Japan is bottom of the pile.