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the top ten cars as voted for by the 10 car garage community

Your Top Ten All-Time Dream Cars

The current leaderboard of all-time favourite cars, as voted for by the 10 car garage forum community. Vote now! Use the easy ten car garage form on the left and / or join our car enthusiasts forum to register your own 10 car garage profile.

The top car

First Place - Porsche 911.

First introduced in 1963, this is one of the most iconic and well-recognised sports cars ever. Originally produced with an engine located in the rear, it became famous as an enthusiast's sports car with superb performance delivered to those with the skills to drive it. The Porsche 911 is recognised as a car driven by the successful, and is at home on the road and racetrack, being a regular drive of teams in the GT classes at the Le Mans 24 Hours. The 911 still remains in production and demand is as high as ever with the current variant being the 997.
top ten car


The Ford Mustang holds a strong position with the North American enthusiasts' vote. This legendary Ford model includes the sought-after Shelby Mustang produced between 1965 and 1969, the most poweful being the GT500 with 428 cu in engine size, slightly larger than the terrifying AC Cobra 427 powerplant.

top 10 car


Ferrari makes it into our 10 car garage top ten with the awesome F40, a thoroughbred racing car built for the road. No air conditioning, stereo, air bags, electric windows or comfortable seats can be found in this car. Even the door handles are draw-strings! Nick Mason, drummer of Pink Floyd, was one of the first lucky owners. Ferrari is perhaps unsurprisingly your most popular manufacturer with more than 9 out of 10 Ten Car Garages having one.

top 10 best car


Carroll Shelby's master creation, borne of the pretty but not-too powerful AC Ace. The fastest, the "427", had a 7 litre (427 cubic inches) V8 engine and was capable of reaching 60mph in 4.2 seconds. For decades this was the worlds fastest production car, and still remains a legend with many AC Cobra replica models still being built and driven by enthusiasts everywhere.
top 10 car


In 1992, McLaren stunned the automotive world with the release of the F1. This was by far the fastest of all the Supercars, and virtually ended the other manufacturers' attempts to out-do each other in the flagship supercar wars. With a record-breaking top speed of 240 mph, it remained the ultimate car until Bugatti released it's Veyron, over a decade later. The performance of the F1 made it a natural contender on the racetrack, proven by gaining overall victory in the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hour race.
top 10 car


This 470 bhp 6.0 litre V12 Aston Martin is the latest legendry automobile to bear the Aston Martin "DB" (David Brown) label. Unveiled in 2004, the Aston Martin DB9 is currently regarded as the flagship in the Aston Martin sports car range.

top 10 car


Jaguar's most loved and sought-after sports car. Unveiled at the 1961 Geneva motor show, it took the world by storm. The final e-type left the production line in 1973, and this car will forever be regarded by many as the ultimate in style and sporting form.
"There will never be another motor car like this one" - Quentin Wilson, Top Gear

top ten car


Since 1986, the BMW M3 has been widely regarded as BMW's flagship performance car, based on the 3-series coupe. Hugely popular with car enthusiasts who regard themselves as real drivers, the M3 has earned it's place in the top ten as a favourite among petrolheads everywhere.
top 10 car

VW Golf GTI.

The original"hot hatch". Since 1974, the Volkswagen Golf has been a favourite of drivers all over the world, from families and shoppers to fun seekers and track-day petrolheads.
"This one is all about driving pleasure, so it wins." - Car and Driver
top 10 car EQUAL TENTH:

Nissan Skyline

Originally marketed as a luxury car in 1957, the Nissan Skyline is known for it's high-performance and race-car styling. Second-hand Skylines are now very affordable and are very popular with driving enthusiasts worldwide.
top 10 car EQUAL TENTH:

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti's legendary 1000bhp 267mph supercar makes it into the top ten with an equal number of votes to the Nissan Skyline.

most hated car WE DON'T LIKE:
Toyota Prius
The Toyota Prius holds the current ten car garage "wooden spoon", only just beating the Fiat Multipla in our poll of cars we dislike the most.